See All the Things Campy Can Do

Campy is an advanced cloud-based campground management system capable of serving any number of reservations, customers, and sites. Whether your campground has 10 sites or 1000, Campy has a subscription plan with features that fit your campground's needs. Below you'll find the most important features of the Campy system and the benefits they can bring your campground.

Fast and easy booking

Campy guides you through the process of meeting a customer, making his reservation, and checking him in a way that's intuitive and easy. It takes less than a minute to record a new customer, reservation, and his payment details, and apply them to the calendar. Campy's interface is designed to be fast so customers wait less, and easy so your employees require less time to train. Try the instant demo to see this feature in action.

Interactive reservations calendar

Campy's interactive calendar ensures you'll never forget a check-in and you'll always know which of your guests are on site. Available in both week and month views, the calendar shows you which sites are occupied, as well as which guest has reserved it. The length of a each guest's stay is represented by a rectangle that spans the calendar and can be clicked or touched to view the details of that stay. Moreover, each of these reservations is color-coded so it's easy to identify at a glance when the same site will be occupied throughout the week or the month. Try the instant demo to see this feature in action.

Works on mobile devices

Campy's state-of-the-art interface works on any device with an internet connection. There's no installation required- just point your browser to BookingBlocks.com and log in with your email and password. Campy has all the same features on every device, so you can enjoy its full capability even when you're not at your main computer. And since the "standard" and "full" subscription plans include unlimited users, all your employees can access Campy using their mobile devices, saving your campground money on infrastructure.

Easy campground setup

Using Campy's interface to set up your campground for the first time is easy. Just use the "amenities" tab on the left side of the screen to enter your campsites' amenities like fire ring, electric supply, and footage. Then use the "sites" tab to enter the names and rates for each of your campsites. Assign amenities to your sites by simply clicking checkboxes representing each amenity. Changes take effect instantly and can be made at any time. Try the instant demo to see this feature in action.

Dynamic customer invoices

With Campy's state-of-the-art invoicing system, included with "standard" and "full" subscriptions, your customers are emailed an invoice as soon as they confirm their reservation. This invoice contains a web link to the latest state of a reservation's balance. So customers always have an up-to-date list of all the charges and credits as well as their balance. And if a customer doesn't have access to the internet, you can bring up those same results yourself and print them on demand.

Valuable reporting tools

The "standard" and "full" Campy subscription plans include reports that give you an instant overview of activity at your campground. Information like how many customers your campground has hosted and how often your sites are used over time allows you to make decisions on rates and measure the effects of marketing and promotions. And it's easy to use Campy to prepare reports on your campground for government agencies. Try the instant demo to see this feature in action.

Responsive technical support

The "full" Campy subscription plan includes 24/7 phone support. Our knowledgeable staff is available around the clock to respond to your most urgent technical issues. And every subscription plan allows you to email urgent and non-urgent requests from 9am to 5pm every day of the week.

Uncommonly reliable service

Campy boasts an average downtime of less than 5 minutes a month. Updates to the system occur without any interruption of service. And all data is backed up nightly so in the event of a disaster, service can be restored within 24 hours.

Online reservations

With a "full" Campy subscription, online reservations can be added to any existing website with just one line of HTML. Campy's reservation widget integrates seamlessly- customers won't even know they're reserving a site using the Campy system. Customers can enter their contact information, select their sites, and even pay by credit card, right from your site. And when they finish, the reservation appears instantly in the Campy interface. There's never a chance of over-booking or booking an unavailable site.

Subscription pausing

With Campy, you can pause your subscription and resume service later whenever you want. Not every campground is open year-round, which is why Campy allows you to pause your subscription when the season ends and resume it again when the next season starts. Just email our friendly support staff at support@BookingBlocks.com and we'll pause your subscription at the end of the current billing period. All your data will continue to be preserved and secured at no charge. When you're ready to resume service, send us an email and we'll unpause your subscription so you can continue right where you left off.

Simple billing, no hidden fees

One of our core values at BookingBlocks.com is simplicity. That's why we don't charge setup fees or require complicated pricing plans based on the number of users, sites, or reservations at your campground. When you subscribe to Campy, you pay one flat rate, once per month. And you pay nothing while your subscription is paused for the season.

Credit card swiping and processing

Campy's "standard" and "full" subscription plans include credit card processing through Stripe.com. All transactions are processed using your campground's own merchant account so your campground receives payment as soon as possible. Those campgrounds without a Stripe.com merchant account can create one using an automated application process that takes minutes to complete and approve. Credit card numbers can be entered manually using a secure portal provided by Stripe.com. Or choose from a wide range of USB card readers that speed up the payment process and reduce the risk of employee error.

Highest level of security

At BookingBlocks.com, security is our number one priority. All our subscribers' passwords are encrypted and unreadable even by our personnel. And credit card numbers are never stored in our databases. We process all credit card transactions through Stripe.com, which meets PCI-1 security standards, the highest in the industry. Campy subscribers rest easy knowing that their data is protected carefully.

Metered amenities

Campy allows you to turn any amenity into a metered amenity. Metered amenities allow you to charge custom rates for usage of resources like electricity and water. Readings can be recorded right from the invoice screen and are applied to the reservation immediately. Try the instant demo to see this feature in action.

Charge for daily services

Optional services like cable and internet can be added to an invoice with a couple taps or clicks. Each user-defined service has a custom per-night charge associated with it and can be added right from the invoice screen. The per-night rate is assessed automatically for the entire length of the reservation. Try the instant demo to see this feature in action.