"Thanks to Campy we were able to set up a system that is customized to what we needed for our campground. I am able to work in the campground office or from home!"

Sill's Family Campground
Mohnton, PA

Key Features


Book customers quickly and easily

When a guest wants to make a reservation at your campground, you enter their information in your secure booking page on the Campy web site. Campy then presents a list of available sites at your campground matching your guest's preferences and length of stay. After you select a site for your guest, Campy brings you to an invoice screen you can use to record payments and credits, and check your guest in. When you're done, the reservation appears instantly on Campy's touch- and click-sensitive calendar, which shows you which of your guests are on site, which are coming, and which have checked out.


Use computers, tablets, and mobile devices

If you're like most campground owners and operators, you spend a lot of time out of the office. That's why Campy works with your tablet and phone as well as your computer, so you can access the system while you're on the go. There's no software to install on any device- just sign in at BookingBlocks.com and start using Campy with an interface optimized for that device.


Start taking reservations online with your existing web site

The "full" version of Campy connects to your campground's existing web site so visitors can make their reservations right from your site. There's no software required- just add a single line of HTML to your campground's web site and an unbranded version of your personal booking page will appear. Visitors get all the benefits of using the Campy booking system, including site search and real-time availability, in a section that looks just like the rest of your site. After they've confirmed their selections and made payment, your campground receives an email and the reservation appears instantly in the Campy interactive calendar.

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